How to request help

Added by Jörg Ebeling about 4 years ago

Welcome in L2CPBG's help forum.

Feel free to open a new topic when you're lost with the configuration or usage of my "LDAP to CardDAV" gateway.

But before rushing on the "new topic" button, please consider these points:

  • Check if you're using the newest L2CPBG version
  • Check if your problem isn't handled in the Readme
  • Search if your problem was not already discussed here in the forum, or already has a ticket

If you still need help, consider creating a new topic, following these recommandations:

  • Put a clear and descriptive topic. "HELP!" is not descriptive. It's foolish.
  • Before explaining your problem, please add the following informations:
    • Used binary architecture and used operating system like "win-x86 binary @ Win7-x64"
    • Used voice phone (if relevant for your issues), like "Snom D785"
    • You CardDAV Server type, like "Owncloud 10.1"

Don't forget to precise what you problem is and when it happen.

Thank you.

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