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An LDAP phone directory to CardDAV address book (1 way read) gateway for modern (business) phones.

Access your CardDAV (Nextcloud, Owncloud, Baikal, Daylite, ...) maintained address book contacts via LDAP from a modern (business) phone (like Gigaset, Grandstream, Snom, Yealink, ...) as phone- book/directory.

Please check the Wiki for detailed info.


Manager: Jörg Ebeling

Latest news

L2CPBG 0.9.1 Feature & Bugfix version
Debian packages, Systemd support, Grandstream UCM support, self-signed Certificates
Added by Jörg Ebeling 10 days ago

L2CPBG 0.9.0 Golang redesign
Complete redesign in the fantastic Go language. Better, smaller, faster, ...
Added by Jörg Ebeling 21 days ago

L2CPBG 0.8.1 feature release
Now with "Daylite" CardDAV server and Apple AddressBook extension: X-ABLabel support
Added by Jörg Ebeling 4 months ago

L2CPBG 0.8.0 feature release
Added by Jörg Ebeling 9 months ago

L2CPBG 0.7.1 bugfix release
Granstream phone support/bugfixes
Added by Jörg Ebeling 9 months ago

L2CPBG 0.7.0 feature release
Gigaset (N510) IP PRO Support
Added by Jörg Ebeling about 1 year ago

L2CPBG 0.6.0 feature release
Request/Response Booster
Added by Jörg Ebeling about 2 years ago

L2CPBG 0.5.0 beta released
Proud to announce the first beta version of our LDAP-2-CardDAV Gateway
Added by Jörg Ebeling about 2 years ago

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