L2CPBG 0.9.2 Feature & Bugfix version

Now with Service manager to start L2CPBG in background (support Windows XP+, macOS, Linux), macOS package installer and better Fanvil phone support
Added by Jörg Ebeling over 2 years ago

  • Feature #41 : MacOS Service Manager and package installer
  • Feature #34 : SIGHUP should also printout version info
  • Feature #36 : Windows Service Manager
  • Bugfix #38 : "No attributes" error with Fanvil X3U
  • Bugfix #38 : Fixed logging and storage of phone number harmonization and prettifying
  • Support #37: OS specific default config and DB locations
  • Feature #36 : Add a service manager which will install, start, stop, ... L2CPBG also as service (daemon). Supports Windows XP+, Linux (systemd, Upstart, SysV) and macOS (Launchd)
  • Logging completely changed to support a common logger for terminal as well as service logging
  • Update to go1.15 and actualized all 3rd party libs/modules
  • Actualized 3rd party DB engine from v1 to v2 (including DB upgrade)


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