L2CPBG 0.8.1 feature release

Now with "Daylite" CardDAV server and Apple AddressBook extension: X-ABLabel support
Added by Jörg Ebeling about 3 years ago

  • Feature #8 : Apple AddressBook extension: X-ABLabel
  • Feature #16 : More logfile features. Added filemaxsize, filemaxarchive, fileziparchive and filedatepattern
  • Feature #17 : Add "Daylite 6 CRM" CardDAV server support. For this it was necessary to switch from CardDAV "addressbook-query" to WebDAV "supported-report-set" for the initial load, and subseqent CardDAV "sync-collection". Which also result in quicker and much lesser traffic on address book changes. But this requires support for CardDAV "addressbook-multiget". If you get a message about missing server support, please drop me a quick note and also which kind of server you're using.
  • Feature #19 : Console Hotkeys. Simply press 'h' or '?' on the console to see a quick overview.
  • Feature #20 : LDAP output is now sorted by the order of the requested "LDAP Name Attributes".
  • Support #21 : More Hotkeys. Added L=License info, U=Uptime, V=Version.
  • Bugfix : Fixed wrong double-quote escaping of Daylite Server.
  • Bugfix : Fixed missed/wrong counting in the case of SQL errors.
  • Bugfix #18 : Limit syncinterval to a save value of at least 2 minutes
  • Bugfix #23 : Fixed wrong handling of multi-valued attributes in LDAP responses.
  • Bugfix #25 : VCard Org with department
  • Bugfix #22 : Structural vCard VERSION bug in VCF lib
  • Bugfix #26 : Unhandled Exception in the case of special chars like the amperstand "&" within the VCF name.
  • Bugfix : Fixed different "X-ABLabel" typo variants.


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