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Jörg Ebeling, 03/12/2019 06:13 PM


An LDAP to CardDav (1 way read) Phone Book Gateway for modern (business) phones.

Use case

Most modern (business) voice phones have the capability to do comfortable LDAP directory look-up like:

  • Directory search by alphabet letters
  • Reverse lookup for inbound calls
  • Reverse lookup by entering parts or the phone number

Unfortunately, most of the 'smaller' companies (i guess companies beyond 100 employee) don't have an 'enterprise' LDAP directory, much less than private persons.

Most of such companies do have something like a cloud address book, often based on WebDAV / CardDAV (i.e. Nextcloud, Ownlcoud, ...).

This is, where this Gateway might make your live easier (hopefully).

If this program get started on some kind of hardware (Windows, Mac, Linux, ???), it will do the following:

  1. Answer on LDAP requests from your voice phone(s)
  2. Ask your CardDAV (Nextcloud, Owncloud, ...) Server for the LDAP requested phone book entry
  3. Return the CardDAV query results, back as LDAP results to your phone.

@TODO Diagram


  • Query your CardDAV address book(s) by entering the alphabetic letters (or parts of the telephone number) in you (LDAP capable) (business) phone (and dial one of the matching numbers).
  • Reverse lookup inbound calls and display matching contact information on the phone.
  • Work with local (non- E.164) formatted CardDAV entered phone numbers like: '040-123456' or '001 807 1234567' as well as '+49 (0)40 1234567-8'.
  • Alphabetic search requests get queried live (without a caching layer or sync delay). This might get changed or optionally enhanced in future, once I do have some experience with different CardDAV Server and larger (+1000 CardDAV) address books.
  • Reverse lookup on phone numbers, depend on a tiny caching layer and thus a (configurable) sync interval.


p(. Coming soon...

Support & getting help

p(. Coming soon...


License (tl;dr)

  • Closed source, binaries only
  • No warranty for anything
  • No liability for anything
  • Free but limited use for anybody (limited to approximately 12 requests per hour)
  • Commercial variant (with much higher limits) might follow (depend of usability, compatibility, stability, performance and interest)

License - EULA

3rd Party Licenses (acknowledgment)

Privacy Policy (tl;dr)

Privacy Policy "GDPR" (English)

Datenschutzerklärung "EU-DSGVO" (German)

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