L2CPBG: L2CPBG 0.9.6 Bugfix & Maintenance release

Added by Jörg Ebeling 10 months ago

Changelog 0.9.5 to 0.9.6

  • Bug #60: Chunks look wrong
  • Added default config options for (CardDAV/)LDAP attributes title, personalTitle and middleName
  • Updated dependency from v1.2.3 to v1.5.0 and removed obsolete wrapper
  • Updated dependency from v1.1.4 to v1.1.5
  • Updated dependency from v0.26.0 to v0.26.1

L2CPBG: L2CPBG 0.9.5 Bugfix & Maintenance release

Added by Jörg Ebeling 12 months ago

Changelog 0.9.4 to 0.9.5

  • Multi CardDAV Server and/or Account support
  • Support Mitel (Aastra) 6800 Series Phones
  • Support #55: Quicker initial load of large address books > 1000 contacts
  • x64 build for ARM architectures like Raspberry Pi OS 64
  • New command line option --reloadAllContacts
  • Bugfix #59 : Non- logged, foreground only error message
  • Update to go1.19.3
  • Upgraded Badger DB from v2 to v3
  • Optimized and fixed test. Removed unclear/concurring tests
  • Upgraded all dependencies
  • Fixed sync trigger by SIGHUP

L2CPBG: L2CPBG 0.9.4 Feature & Bugfix version

Added by Jörg Ebeling about 2 years ago

Changelog 0.9.3 to 0.9.4

  • Permit Gold features for evaluation license
  • Bug #52: Fixed reverse lookup for Fritz!Box intermal number
  • Created a virtual contact for license info entries
  • Bug #53: panic: runtime error: slice bounds out of range
  • Bug #52: Suppress "Failed parsing phone number '...': the phone number supplied is not a number" if it's a "*" prefixed (Fritz!box) internal number
  • Feature #51: Encrypt CardDAV Server password
  • Bug #50: Better error messages in the case of a single backslash path separator in config file
  • Bug #49: Useless trace log messages

L2CPBG: L2CPBG 0.9.3 Feature & Bugfix version

Added by Jörg Ebeling about 2 years ago

License change

Now that L2CPBG become more and more usable, it got necessary to ensure that the free version get only used by private persons and not by companies or professionals. That's why I limited the "Free" version also to 2 phones (LDAP clients) as well as a max. of 100 contacts.

Luckily I also got convinced that it would be more approriate (in special for smaller companies) to have a more fair price-matrix instead of a "one for all fee".

If you get hit by the new limitations of the free version, think about selling a license (also to support further development). Here's the price matrix:

Version max. phones 1 Version blaming in Phone Display max. LDAP requests/h max. phonebook entries 2 Gold features 3 Price/€ 4
Free 2 12 100 0,00
Max3 3 unlimited 500 29,00
Max5 5 unlimited 1000 49,00
Max10 10 unlimited 2000 79,00
Pro10 10 unlimited unlimited 149,00
Pro50 50 unlimited unlimited 299,00
Enterprise unlimited unlimited unlimited 499,00

Before deciding to buy a license, please ensure that L2CPBG work as expected with all your phones and your CardDAV server. If you can't test it because of the free limitations, or any other reason, don't hesitate to ask for a 60 day evaluation license. Simply drop me a mail to with your real name.

Important macOS upgrade info:

If you already have l2cpbg versiom 0.9.2 installed, you need to deactivate your old l2cpbg instance via l2cpbg --service=stop and l2cpbg --service=uninstall, before installing the new version. After installing the new version, activate it again (via l2cpbg --service=install and l2cpbg --service=start)

Added config options

prettifyNoAreaInSameArea = true|false
which strips the local area code from destination number, when located in same area. Defaults to true.

prettifyRemoveSpaces = false|true
which will remove all spaces from a prettified phone number. Defaults to false.

Changelog 0.9.2 to 0.9.3

  • Feature #48: Strip area code when in same area
  • Support #47: Added config option prettifyRemoveSpaces which will remove all spaces from prettified phone number
  • Feature #46 : LDAP resolver restructuration
  • Feature #40 : CardDAV AddressBooks are now stored within DB as ou=<addressbook>, <BaseDN>, so you've the possibility to point a phone to a single AddressBook
  • Support #39 : Unidentified LDAP request of Fanvil X3U
  • Bugfix #43 : DB crash @ Win when cmd window get closed
  • Feature #42 : Multiple Instances
  • License : Change to a more fair license matrix, but limited 'Free' usage (see News file)
  • Update to go1.15.9 and actualized all 3rd party libs/modules

  1. Every device/phone which successful login to L2CPBG, lock a phone-slot (via IP) for 8 hours 

  2. In real, the number of imported CardDAV contacts get limited 

  3. Gold features are: Multi-instance capability, Multi-CardDAV Server (planned, not yet implemented), Multi-AddressBook-Merge (planned, not yet implemented) 

  4. Inkl. German VAT 

L2CPBG: L2CPBG 0.9.2 Feature & Bugfix version

Added by Jörg Ebeling over 2 years ago

  • Feature #41 : MacOS Service Manager and package installer
  • Feature #34 : SIGHUP should also printout version info
  • Feature #36 : Windows Service Manager
  • Bugfix #38 : "No attributes" error with Fanvil X3U
  • Bugfix #38 : Fixed logging and storage of phone number harmonization and prettifying
  • Support #37: OS specific default config and DB locations
  • Feature #36 : Add a service manager which will install, start, stop, ... L2CPBG also as service (daemon). Supports Windows XP+, Linux (systemd, Upstart, SysV) and macOS (Launchd)
  • Logging completely changed to support a common logger for terminal as well as service logging
  • Update to go1.15 and actualized all 3rd party libs/modules
  • Actualized 3rd party DB engine from v1 to v2 (including DB upgrade)

L2CPBG: L2CPBG 0.9.1 Feature & Bugfix version

Added by Jörg Ebeling over 2 years ago

  • Feature #30 : Support insecure certificates
  • Feature #32 : Added --noColors and --noTimestamps command line options which where required for better syslog usage
  • Bugfix #27 : Error: self signed certificate
  • Bugfix #33 : National dial prefix "0" is hardcoded
  • Feature #31 : Debian packages
  • Feature: Added location option prettifyNums (boolean) by which the phone number prettifyer can be disabled

L2CPBG: L2CPBG 0.9.0 Golang redesign

Added by Jörg Ebeling over 2 years ago

  • Complete redesign in Golang = much more performant, has smaller binaries as well as lesser resource requirements. Simply: Overall better!
  • All CardDAV's are now persistent saved in a real and very quick database which result in much faster access, faster response and much quicker start-up (tested with 4k CardDAV records)
  • ARM architecture (Raspberry and the like) binaries
  • Bugfix #29 : LDAP query failure (with abort) after vcf.Delete()

L2CPBG: L2CPBG 0.8.1 feature release

Added by Jörg Ebeling about 3 years ago

  • Feature #8 : Apple AddressBook extension: X-ABLabel
  • Feature #16 : More logfile features. Added filemaxsize, filemaxarchive, fileziparchive and filedatepattern
  • Feature #17 : Add "Daylite 6 CRM" CardDAV server support. For this it was necessary to switch from CardDAV "addressbook-query" to WebDAV "supported-report-set" for the initial load, and subseqent CardDAV "sync-collection". Which also result in quicker and much lesser traffic on address book changes. But this requires support for CardDAV "addressbook-multiget". If you get a message about missing server support, please drop me a quick note and also which kind of server you're using.
  • Feature #19 : Console Hotkeys. Simply press 'h' or '?' on the console to see a quick overview.
  • Feature #20 : LDAP output is now sorted by the order of the requested "LDAP Name Attributes".
  • Support #21 : More Hotkeys. Added L=License info, U=Uptime, V=Version.
  • Bugfix : Fixed wrong double-quote escaping of Daylite Server.
  • Bugfix : Fixed missed/wrong counting in the case of SQL errors.
  • Bugfix #18 : Limit syncinterval to a save value of at least 2 minutes
  • Bugfix #23 : Fixed wrong handling of multi-valued attributes in LDAP responses.
  • Bugfix #25 : VCard Org with department
  • Bugfix #22 : Structural vCard VERSION bug in VCF lib
  • Bugfix #26 : Unhandled Exception in the case of special chars like the amperstand "&" within the VCF name.
  • Bugfix : Fixed different "X-ABLabel" typo variants.

L2CPBG: L2CPBG 0.8.0 feature release

Added by Jörg Ebeling over 3 years ago

  • Bugfix #13 : OR filter limitation. LDAP should now also support AND filter "(&(...)"
  • Feature #14 : Speedup by caching or storage layer. All CardDav data is now buffered in a local DB whereas all LDAP request get answered (much more quicker) from the local DB
  • Bugfix : Correct display of backslash, semicolon, double and single quotes in LDAP responses
  • Feature #15 : Dial prefix for external line

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